Diver Finds £4,500 Ring In Lake

A scuba diver won the eternal gratitude of a bride-to-be when he found her new diamond engagement ring at the bottom of a lake. Professional diver Denny Geffre took to the water with metal detector in hand after he heard 27-year-old Sara Stocco lost the $7,000 (£4,484) gem in Lake Minnetonka, in the US state of Minnesota. With more than 40 years' experience treasure hunting underwater, Mr Geffre found her ring buried in three inches of sand, after a three-day search. Ms Stocco had taken it off to apply suncream to her fiance's back while boating on the lake for Independence Day celebrations, but dropped it out of her mouth and it rebounded into the water. She told the Minneapolis Star Tribune: "It was chaotic. I just remember thinking: 'Oh, my gosh, I just lost my ring that I've had a little over a month'." Ms Stocco, a teacher, and her fiance Adam Segar gave Mr Geffre $750 (£480) to thank him for his work.

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