Dive Alert Voluntary Recall

Dive Alert Product Recall Dive Alert USA has identified a potential issue with their DA2, DP2 and DV2 air horns and have announced a voluntary recall of specific versions of these models. The problem was discovered during routine servicing and affects the female coupling poppet o-ring. The o-ring could become dislodged which in turn could reduce the air flow to the alternate regulator / inflation system. No incidents or injuries has been reported to spark the recall. Models that could potentially be affected by the recall only include the DA2, DP2 and DV2 which are designed to fit Aqua Lung Airsource, Oceanic Air XS, Aeris AirLink and Mares Air Control system and specifically it is only couplings with no writings stamped on to the collar as shown below. All other models and couplings are not affected and are completely safe to continue to use. [caption id="attachment_3948" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Click to enlarge"]Coupling Compare for Recall[/caption] Owners of affected models should stop using it and return the unit to your regional distributor for a free repair. The address for the UK distributor can be found below: CPS Partnership Ltd Prospect House Ponswood Industrial Estate Drury Lane St Leonards-on-Sea East Sussex TN38 9BA 01424 442663  

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