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Daily Scuba News Round Up 7-13 April 2019

Sunday 7th – Fluorescent lights help divers

Fluorescent light technology is being developed to help scuba divers find human remains in lakes, rivers, and ponds. Researchers at the University of Huddersfield are trying to exploit natural fluorescence of human bones through different light sources using coloured filters, using these filters will mean that our bones will glow underwater helping rescue divers find remains.

Monday 8th – A F.A.S.T game changer…

Aqua Lung is mixing up the age-old Cam Band. Strapping your cylinder on has always been a pain in the butt, so Aqua Lung decided to get their smart boys and girls to look into it and they’ve come up with something, FAST. FAST, or Front Access Secure Tank is not just a tortured acronym it’s a quick way to strap on your cylinder from the front. You basically hook over your BCD cam band as normal but fit a quick, or should I say fast, ratchet strap around the cylinder and then clamp the buckle from the front of the BCD to lock it into place.

Tuesday 9th – P is for plastic 

There is a new international hand signal for scuba divers, the new signal indicates the presence of underwater plastic waste. Now we all know the problem with plastic pollution and more and more divers are confronted with it when they hit the waters. 

Wednesday 10th – Fourth Element drops merch

Fourth Element dropped their workbook for their 2019 Spring Summer clothing range and it’s pretty sharky. In the workbook they state ’We are proud to present our summer collection printed in water-based inks on 100% organic cotton, bringing you our most Ocean Positive range to date. Scuba divers and freedivers appear in a graphical sportswear style with fresh California-inspired colour pops in vintage washes.

Thursday 11th –  Paul Watson charges have been dropped

So let’s roll back to 2001 shall we, Sea Shepherd helped Cocos Island national park rangers arrest and confiscate an Ecuadorian flagged vessel for illegally fishing in the island’s marine sanctuary. The following year Sea Shepherd signed a collaboration agreement at the invitation of Costa Rica’s government to help protect marine life in cocos. 


Friday 12th – Are apps the future? 

Like most things in the world today there’s an app for scuba diving, there are hundreds in fact. Many are just games but more and more downloadable apps are linking to our dive computers and acting as digital logbooks and more. I filmed a couple of videos recently on a pair of dive computers and both had apps to connect to and it seems to be an ever-increasing feature on dive computers that they come with Bluetooth built in. 

Saturday 13th – The mystery of the Garfield phones! 

A 30-year-old mystery has finally been solved after conservationists found the source of plastic Garfield phones that have been washing up on French beaches. So yeah like I said for the past 30 years these phones have been washing ashore and pretty much everyone was stumped to why this was happening.

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