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Daily Scuba News Round Up 21 - 27 April 2019

Sunday 21st - Looters scouring sunken treasures

Beneath the choppy waves off Nova Scotia's coast lie thousands of shipwrecks and there are lots of treasures to find, from centuries-old coins, canons and even loot that was stolen from the white house is said to be in the waters. But in a new move treasure hunters that spend millions of dollars exploring the wrecks are now saying that the new provincials laws which prevent shipwrecks from scouring are now paving the way to pirate divers.

Monday 22nd - World's oldest shipwreck found

A ship that dates back 3,600 years. The wreckage was found by the Akdeniz University underwater research center, and it's reported to be the oldest in the world. Officials say that the 14-meter long wreck was carrying one and a half tons of copper ingots when in sunk.

Tuesday 23rd - Basking Shark caught in the Bay of Biscay

Whilst carrying out their regular night patrols to document dolphin catches, Sea Shepherd captured footage of the fishermen netting something much bigger. Whilst following a fishing boat that had an inflatable dolphin swimming behind it to taunt Sea Shepherd they soon realised that the fishermen's new catch was a bit of a struggle to get aboard the boat. 

Wednesday 24th - New Online Ship Archive

The Lloyd’s register foundation has just launched an online ship archive that’s available for scuba divers and members of the public. The site itself shows detailed plans, layouts, and surveys of merchant vessels dating back to 1934. The website is in its first phase at the moment, this means that everyone can look up famous wrecks. In the first batch of data are around 250 years worth or wrecks you can look up, read documents and see pictures of the wrecks. 

Thursday 25th - Is Poole Rig Killing Seahorses?

The Seahorse Trust is appealing for £12,000 to fund its challenge against a controversially extended oil drilling license in Poole Bay. According to the trust's director Neil Garrick-Maidment, the approval of this license and subsequent drilling operations may have been responsible for the deaths of four dolphins, one seal and two seahorses in the area.

Friday 26th - Set Phazers to stun!

Aqua Lung has very kindly decided to give you guys and girls some money off their newest mask and fins. The Reveal Masks are a couple of smart masks in some funky colours and around the same time Aqua Lung have produced their Phazer Fins that come in matching funky colours.


 Saturday 27th - Beetles don’t need any cylinders!

The tiny swimming beetles of the Australian desert living in a series of underground, water-filled chambers, they rarely, if ever come up to the surface. It's because of this that a lot of researchers say to one another how the heck do they breathe?

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