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Daily Scuba News Round Up 14 - 20 April 2019

Sunday 14th - Sperm whale found with plastic in her stomach 

A sperm whale was found dead on the coast of Sardinia, she was discovered by the caretaker of a private beach resort in Cala Romantica at the start of April. The fire brigade was called to help remove the 8-meter long whale and safely transfer so an autopsy can be done. Once the veterinarians started the autopsy they knew that she was very malnourished and that she was pregnant.

Monday 15th - The D7X is on its way! 

The D7X, the upgraded version of the popular Waterproof D7 drysuit is in the country so it’s time to jump on the hype train if you haven’t already. The D7 was always a front entry version of the D1 but without the fancy built-in undersuit. It did pretty well as a smart drysuit and after a few years, Waterproof has given it a makeover and a few upgrades. 

Tuesday 16th -  Canada is warming up!

Canada’s Arctic has seen the deepest impact when it comes to global warming, in fact, it’s warming up at double the global rate and will carry on doing so. The new report suggests that Canada’s annual average temperature has risen by an estimated 1.7 degrees since 1948. The largest temps are in the North, the Prairies and in northern British Columbia.

Wednesday 17th - Single-use plastics ban at the Red Sea

The Egyptian Red Sea Governorate has decided to ban single-use disposable plastics starting from June this year. So according to the association for the protection of the environment, the decision which was made by Governor Ahmed Abdallah aims to protect wildlife, marine life, and endangered species, all of which have been affected by plastic mainly due to ingestion. 

Thursday 18th - High altitude scuba divers find relics

High altitude scuba divers have been investigating a South American repository of offerings to the gods. This has been dubbed the first methodical archaeological excavation of a site in the world’s highest lake. The lake is in the Andes and sits 3800 meters above sea level. The site is where early Andean people thought the birthplace of the sun was.

Friday 19th - Reduce, Reuse and Retile

More and more independent companies are popping up on social media and Kickstarter programs with a concept for using up all the waste plastic we keep making. These startup companies are looking for cost-effective ways that anybody can use to turn old plastic products into anything really.

Saturday 20th - How far can a young seal swim? 

Have you ever asked yourself how far can a seal pup swim? If the answer is nope… then why did you click on this video? If the answer was yes then well done, we are going to tell you. The department of Fisheries and Oceans have placed satellite tags of a group of harp seals they found near Cape Ray in Newfoundland.

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