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Daily Scuba News Round Up 12 - 18 May 2019

Sunday 12th - Mcdonalds plastic straw petition

So remember back in the day when massive corporations pledged to help stop plastic pollution. For once there was positive change in the air, everyone was on board to do their part and help change and save the world. That was until people realised that paper straws suck, in a bad way when it comes to drinking a McDonald's milkshake.

Monday 13th - Shipwreck to become an underwater museum

Near the northern Greek island of Alonissos lies a remarkable ancient shipwreck, the remains of a massive cargo ship that changed archaeologists understanding of shipbuilding in antiquity. This awesome wreck is the first ancient shipwreck to be made accessible to members of the public in Greece, including scuba divers.

Tuesday 14th - Tioman named greenest dive centre

Tioman dive center in Malaysia has been declared the worlds greenest center after winning the annual green fins award for the member of the scheme with the lowest proven environmental impact. So the winner of this award is chosen based on a rigorous assessment of the business practice of all 500 green fins member companies, most of which are based in the Asia Pacific region.

Wednesday 15th - Plans to raise $1.6 billion for conservation

Leading non-profit The Nature Conservancy or TNC for short have recently launched a plan to protect more than four million square kilometres of the world's oceans over the next five years through blue bonds designed to unlock 1.6 billion dollars of funds for marine protection. The plan is to help as many as 85 countries refinance their national debt and use that wonga to invest in marine protection efforts to help local fisheries and protect coral reef.

Thursday 16th - A tribe is trying to help starving orcas

So by now you should know about the pod of orcas that are starving to death between Seattle and Vancouver, we have spoken about it plenty of times here on DSN and it’s still going on, there have been many attempts to try and rescue the pod as the number of orcas dwindle. But a tribe is trying to make a last ditch effort to save the doomed pod.

Friday 17th - Beached whale found entangled in rope

A juvenile humpback whale has been found washed ashore on Scotland’s east coast entangled in rope. The 9-meter long whale was found beached in late April and experts believe it had died the night before due to the state of the carcass.

Saturday 18th - Female tiger sharks have favourite wrecks

Sand tiger sharks tend to move around a lot doing their sharky thing that makes it kinda tricky to study them and work out population size because you can‘t predict where they’ll be at any given time. Well, scientists interested in Sand Tigers were super interested in a pair of photos off the North Carolina’s Atlantic Coast.

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