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Daily Scuba News Round Up 05 – 11 May 2019

Sunday 05th – Toilet fish bowl

The Hipopo Papa Cafe in Akashi has built a brand new toilet, now your think wow why is this on DSN? It’s just a toilet… Well, the toilet has been built into a fish tank… yup whilst your doing your business you can watch the fishies just swim past.

Monday 06th – GoPro and Padi want your videos

Ok, I feel that I need to be a bit more specific Gopro and Padi want your diving videos, not the other videos you make with your GoPro. So yeah this Evolution contest is open to any filmmaker, it’s split into three six week phases, capture, edit and capture/edit. Ok so let’s break that down, the first week is all about the footage you have captured on your GoPro, the second one is all about your kickass editing skills and the final phase is about capturing some footage and then editing it.

Tuesday 07th – Cave rescue diver… rescued

One of the cave divers who helped in the rescue of the boys and their coach trapped in a cave in Thailand needed rescuing for a cave himself. Since the incident, he has returned home to the UK and is in good health but he was trapped in a cave system in Tennessee for around 24 hours alone.

Wednesday 08th – Blacktip shark just wants a little kiss!

Shark guide Mia Vorster was shark diving at Aliwal Shoal off the eastern coast of South Africa when err… yeah she caught on camera a blacktip shark doing something a wee bit strange. So Mia and co were watching blacktips snacking of a school of small fish when yeah a blacktip got a little bit excited, it went for the school, but at the same time, another blacktip was also going for the school…. Yeah, you guessed it.

Thursday 09th – Say Goodbye to Padi’s plastic eRDPML

The plastic model of Padi’s electronic multilevel recreational dive planner the eRDPML the electronic successor to the wheel is going to be retired in favour of the digital training aid, which has been available for some time now as an e-learning asset, and lately as an app for phones and tablets.

Friday 10th – Handheld DNA tester

A device that is used to detect Ebola and genetically profiling tumours is now being using in the fight against wildlife crime. Tens of millions of sharks are killed each year for their fins, you know for shark fin soup or something else. Now the international trade in shark fins is prohibited, but it can be near impossible for law enforcement and experts to tell whether the fins are from protected species once they’ve been separated from the bodies.

Saturday 11th – MCS warns of dirty tricks

The Marine Conservation Society has sent the UK’s leading supermarkets a rather strong worded letter urging them to respond positively to the proposed deposit-return scheme by the current government. The main reason why they are trying to get supermarkets on board is that the drink industry is trying to get the new scheme reduced so only the smallest bottles and containers could be brought back.

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