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Coral Reefs 'Heading for Crisis'

Around three-quarters of all coral reefs in the world are at risk due to climate change, overfishing and pollution, research has revealed. According to a report released by Reefs at Risk Revisited, the biggest danger to coral reefs comes from the practice of exploitative fishing. Findings further suggested that climate change over the next 20 years will also adversely affect the marine ecosystems. The research, led by World Resources Institute (WRI) in Washington DC, was conducted over three years in collaboration with more than 20 conservation and research groups. Hundreds of experts looked into the crisis looming over the world's coral reefs and measures that can be taken to safeguard them. In the wake of the findings, Jane Lubchenco, head of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has called on ocean managers, policy makers and business leaders to take earnest steps to protect the world's coral reefs.

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