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CO2 Emissions 'Impact Coral Growth'

Research has warned that the huge increase in manmade emissions of carbon dioxide is posing a serious threat to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. According to the two-year study, CO2 emissions from human activities are acidifying the oceans, impacting on marine life. The Great Barrier Reef - the world's largest reef system - has also fallen victim to the rise in CO2 levels in the atmosphere. The report warned coral growth across the reef is suffering a severe slowdown. Bronte Tilbrook, from Australia's national scientific organisation, CSIRO, said: "There's some indication that corals are not growing as well as they used to on the reef. "You make it harder for corals to grow, something else will probably take over from them. "So the reef itself may in 50 years time, for example, not look anything like we see at present - less corals and more other organisms like algae."

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