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Club Awarded Dive Training Grant

A scuba-diving club in Evesham, Worcestershire, has been awarded a regional sports grant of £24,000 to help provide dive training to people with disabilities. The Evesham Sub-Aqua Club, which is affiliated to the BSAC, received the financial support from the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Sports Partnership, which comprises local authorities and primary health care trusts. The club has purchased 15 Mini B and 10 Micro B aqualungs, and has entered an agreement with the local Regency High School Sports College to offer dive training to people with physical limitations. Some of the college's staff members are also being trained to be diving instructors. The training, which is being carried out in accordance with the special syllabus to train those with disabilities set out by the BSAC, takes place at the college's hydrotherapy pool.

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