Christmas Gift Ideas 2017

So with Christmas looming again here are some of our best picks for scuba presents this year. Whether you need to buy a present for a diver or your loved ones are asking you for ideas on what to get you you'll find a whole range of Xmas gifts for any diver to suit any budget.  From the 1st November we are offering extended returns where you can return unused purchases up until 12th January.


Apart for our top 10 ideas below (in no particular order) remember to visit our Scuba Gift Idea Department for even more ideas.


It's an oldie but goodie, the HangAir has always been a popular gift idea for us.  If the diver in your life has a suit then a Hangair will speed up the drying process and ensure it is completely dry before storing it away. No more smells.

A built-in fan circulates fresh air through the inside of their suit to dry and freshen their suit.


No one likes to miss a dive due to a kit configuration issue so make sure you have the IST Divers Tool Kit in your bag.

A whole range of tools you can use to fix a lot of problems all in a neat folder.


Just released the new Apeks 60m LifeLine Spool is a great addition to any kit bag. Did I mention it's in a cool gun metal grey and feels like a quality piece of engineering milled from a single piece of aluminium.

Even if you don't dive you may want one just as an ornament.


Good things come in small packages, like the Exposure Marine Action Torch.  While it will fit in almost any pocket the Action packs plenty of punch to illuminate and dive site.

With 3 versions of the torch too; spot light, standard and flood light you can get the right torch for the right person.




Feel obliged to buy them something but don't want to spend much? No need to point out (pun intended) you are being tight, get them an IST Pointer which is far more useful that it appears!

Practical with a quality feel to it they don't have to know it has a small price-tag and it'll be easy to wrap...


New to diving and need a regulator? then look no further than the new Apeks XL4 Stage 4 Set which includes Regulator, octopus and gauges all together.

Perfect for diving in the UK and the travelling diver the XL4 is a great choice for any diver.


Our very own Tech Bag Pack includes a padded regulator case and a matching padded dive computer bag. 

If they've just bought their own regs and computer then they'll need something to keep them safe in.


Not technically for diving but why not treat someone to the gift of discovering the underwater world with the OceanREEF Aria Snorkel Mask.

Full Face Snorkels can now be seen all over the world and let you breath through your nose and mouth while keeping the water away from your face.


Pandora Multi tool. Its small, useful and is the must have gadget for Christmas 2017 taking scuba multi-tools to a new level.

Laser cut from a single piece of Titanium or Stainless it has more than 15 tools cut into it to fix and adjust your gear.

It even has a bottle opener!


Nothing says "I love you! Come back..." like a Marine Rescue GPS, waterproof to 130m and gives you the reassurance of being located and rescued anywhere in the world.

The Nautilus will send your GPS location to nearby boats if you're lost at sea so they can come find you.




Still not sure? Go safe and go for a Gift Card so they can choose what they receive and get what they want, we offer two types - physical and e-card both valid for a year from purchase and can be used for part or full payment of future orders.


If you have any other suggestions for great gifts please comment below.





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