Cash and limelight for Bite-Back

Dive holiday company blue-o-two has collected more than £11,000 in 12 months for the UK shark and marine conservation charity Bite-Back – by inviting its customers to donate 20p per cylinder-fill on its four Red Sea liveaboards. Stacked end-to-end, according to Bite-Back, the 20p coins would create a column 94.3m long – longer than the famous Red Sea wrecks Giannis D (87m) and Carnatic (90m). The partnership programme, ”Breathe Life Into The Oceans”, has captured the imagination of divers from all over the world, says Bite-Back, and has helped it to fund a number of initiatives. These include negotiating with MAKRO to stop selling blue shark in 18 of its stores; prompting Innocent Drinks to drop an on-pack promotion to win 50 shark-fishing prizes; exposing and reforming Slimming World’s suggestion that its 400,000 members eat shark to lose weight, and rebuilding its website. ”blue o two has been a central supporter of Bite-Back for years,” says the charity’s Campaign Director Graham Buckingham, ”but this new partnership has become a vital bloodline for the work we do. ”We’re indebted to all the divers who took part.” blue o two has pledged its continuing support for Bite-Back in 2012, with plans to raise a similar sum. Meanwhile Bite-Back has been selected by Microsoft’s search engine Bing to showcase its work through its ”Help Your Britain” month-long promotion. Bing gave up its entire homepage to Bite-Back on 27 April, and throughout May featured its work on a microsite. The Bing project highlighted successful but under-celebrated charities by directing its 11 million UK users to short films about their work.   These items appear in the June issue of Diver. Download the Diver Magazine App from iTunes <>. It costs £1.99, including a free issue of the magazine. For Android devices, go to, where each edition costs £1.99.

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