Call For Action to Protect Reef

More action is needed to protect the world's largest coral reef system from the destruction caused by sediment run-off, an expert has warned. Australia's Great Barrier Reef faces a significant threat from farm run-offs polluted with pesticides and fertilisers, in news sure to be of interest to scuba divers across the world. According to professor Malcolm McCulloch, a scientist with the ARC Centre for Excellence in Coral Reef Studies, the state of Queensland is putting in considerable effort to control run-offs but the process needs to be widened. He said: "The process has started and it's important for the reef's sake to do it, but it's still a long way to go to do it," he said. "I wouldn't actually advocate it at the moment, even more stringent things, but let's make the measures we're now doing, make them work effectively - that's what I'd advise." Ahead of a symposium on coral reefs in Canberra, Prof McCulloch stated: "The regulations that are now being applied in Queensland are actually a joint Commonwealth-state action. "What we're trying to highlight to the politicians who come to Canberra, the importance of it."

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