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 It has been a manic couple of months here at Simply Scuba. The Birmingham Dive Show was an excellent opportunity for us to meet and chat with a LOT of divers, make new friends and catch up with some of our most loyal customers. The Dive Show was also the official release of our first catalogue and we have been very pleased with the feedback that we have received so far. As primarily a digital store, going back to print was very daunting so it is a big relief that the enormous effort and months of work that went into the first edition has been appreciated. Our video team put together some quick videos of interviews and chats that they had with a variety of brands and diving figure heads at the Dive Show. They had a good look at some of the new and future products that will be available soon so if you fancy a sneak peak at some of the latest products then head over to our Youtube play list.



Starting from November until around about February most brands start to release their new products so on top of the Christmas rush, promotions and competitions that we have planned during the run up to the festive period we are also hard at work adding new products to the website. That can’t be that difficult I hear some say…well no it isn’t difficult but I can tell you it requires a lot of man hours (or woman for equality purposes). Every new product that comes in is given the same in depth treatment:

  • Description – We don’t use brand descriptions like most sites (which are usually woefully inadequate at the best of times – the descriptions…not the other retail sites). Every description is uniquely written for our site, with the product on the desk, tried on and played around with to check for the more obscure details that could potentially make it the best product ever. At this point we are also populating our comparison details which builds the ‘At a Glance’ section and also our interactive comparison charts.
  • Images – Every new product makes it’s way through our image studio for more detailed and real life shots of the product. We find that that a lot of the time the images we are supplied by brands are heavily touched up which is understandable as they want their products to look the best to attract your attention. We, on the other hand, want you to have an understanding of what it will look like when it is delivered to you. We will also take additional shots at different angles and of features that we think make the product stand out from the others. Lastly the product is put through our 360 degree system that creates the interactive spinning images.
  • Product video – Lastly we produce, edit and upload a product video. These are what every one that we’ve spoken to loves about our site. They allow us to demonstrate a product, explain the reason behind a unique feature and point out the difficult to describe features. It also gives a sense of scale to a product that is just not achievable with a still image.

  At a minimum there are five different members of staff involved with getting every single product on the website and that is as streamlined and efficient as we can make it without affecting the quality of the end result. You’ll be able to keep up to date via our ‘New Products‘ section on the site as products.  A few months ago I asked our video team to put together a little video to gave you a little insight into what we do with a new product, if you haven’t seen it yet it is worth a watch.



We won’t rest on our laurels either so we are also planning for the next year and beyond. I can’t go into the details yet but we have set plans in motion to target key aspects of our service that we want to make even better, areas that we know you’ll appreciate. 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year for us and I look forward to being able to share some of these changes with you as we get closer to the time. In the mean time I will leave you with a short plug to vote for us as Best Retailer in the 2013 Diver Awards. Voting is open until the end of December and you’ll find the entry form HERE. Please remember that in order for your vote to count you must complete the entire form.