Blue Hole Attracting Scuba Divers

An Egyptian location on the Red Sea Coast in Dahab has been singled out by The Times as a prime hotspot for scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming. The Blue Hole was named in a list of the world's best wild water swims by the national newspaper. Dropping down more than 80 metres, the natural hole in the reef is becoming a popular attraction among both free and scuba divers. Coral reefs at the blue hole begin just metres from the shore and are frequented on a regular basis by scuba divers attracted by an abundance of colourful fish and some stunning underwater scenery. Travelling to the spot by camel was noted as an exotic bonus by the newspaper. More experienced scuba divers are also being drawn to the Bells, a spot further along the coast from the Blue Hole. It is a narrow tunnel in the reef which divers must descend to about 30 metres before coming upon the drop off and following the reef along.

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