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Bizarre Artifacts Found Underwater


Hidden beneath the depths of the ocean are some of mankind’s most unique treasures. Here is a list of five of the most bizarre artefacts found underwater...



The Queens Anne’s Revenge is one of the most infamous pirate ships in the world. Belonging to the blood thirsty Blackbird who terrorised the sea. In 1718 the ship ran aground and was since thought lost to time. But it was found in 1996 and work has been going on to salvage the artifacts. In 2011 a 1.4 ton cannon was raised from the North Carolina waters. Several other items include an anchor, wine glass stems and medical supplies.  



In 2010 Jay Miscovich discovered a sunken treasure. He found more than ten thousand emeralds off the coast in Florida. The emeralds are thought to be worth half a billions dollars! Unfortunately the United States government came sniffing around and only granted him temporary custody. This meant that he was prohibited from selling them. The origins of the green jewels are shrouded in mystery as Miscovich sadly committed suicide in 2013.  



Apollo 11 is arguably the most famous spacecraft in history. (If you exclude the Starship Enterprise.) It was first ship to land humans on the moon and its engine dropped into the Atlantic Ocean. 44 years after Neil Armstrong first stepped foot on the moon, its engine was found 14,000 feet below the surface. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos found the iconic piece of history during an expedition.  



In 2000, Franck Goddio discovered ancient Egyptian artifacts in the Mediterranean Sea where 1,200 years ago the City of Hercleion sank. 250 artifacts were recovered from the site. These include sculptures of gods, amulets and tablets, among many more.  


The Antikythera mechanism is known as one of the most first advanced gear machines. Hidden for a thousand years under 45 metres of water, it was discovered in 1900. It dates from around the 2nd century and was used to calculate astronomical positions. But it’s origins and who made it remain a mystery.   What else do you think is lurking beneath our waters? Let us know in the comments below.