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Best Retailer 7 Years In A Row

Here at Simply Scuba we all work exceptionally hard to offer the best service and best equipment available for you.  Every year DIVER Magazine and Sport Diver Magazine have a public vote on all of the scuba diving retailers across the UK. We have also just been awarded DIVER's Best Retailer of 2015 and at the end of last year we won the Sport Diver Best EMEA Retailer of 2015 which now means that we are and have been the Best Retailer every year for the past 7 consecutive years. First of all we would like to thank everybody that voted for us, it means a lot to all of us here that you recognise the work that we do to make your experience shopping with us as quick and easy as possible. RETAILER OF THE YEAR AWARD 2015


Our team works hard every day to give you an up-to-date modern website with product pages that offer extensive information about each product. The Warehouse has a state of the art process to pick and pack your order and dispatch as quickly as possible and deal with any returns efficiently. Our Customer Services team has also won independent awards on the speed and quality of their work to answer your questions and solve any problems you might have.  



We hold everything in stock and our website is directly linked to our warehouse stock levels so when our website tells you we have something it means that we have it ready for dispatch here in our warehouse unlike other retailers that will sell you an item even if they don't have it in stock. We have an in-house studio photographer and video team that photograph and video each product to give you the most accurate view of every item so you can know exactly what you are buying and how it works.  We were also the first to produce a live interactive show Simply Scuba LIVE and we are creating another entertainment show that will be released soon.