Atomic Hose Recall

Atomic Aquatics has released a recall on their low-pressure hoses in the interest of safety. All low-pressure hoses bought fitted to Atomic Regulators or bought separately should be checked and not dived until assessed properly.

What's the Problem?

Sor far there have been three (3) reported incidents of the hoses disconnecting from the metal ferrule where the end of the hose is crimped at the end. No injuries have been reported to the CPSC but in the interest in safety Atomic Aquatics are asking all divers who use one of their Low-Pressure Hoses to check it immediately.

Am I Affected?

The affected hoses will have a date stamped into the metal ferrule of the hose.


You may have to slide back a plastic hose protector to see the number on your hose. Simply pull it back gently so it slides up the hose to reveal the metal crimped end on the hose. If you have a hose or regulator with one of the above dates stamped into it then you are affected by this and need to stop using that hose immediately.

Affected date stamps:

D0717, D0817, D0917, D1017, D1117, D1217, D0118, D0218, D0318, D0418, D0518, D0718, D0918, D1018, D1118, AA119, AA219

If your hose does not have one of these dates stamped into it then you are not affected and can continue to use your regulators.

What Do I Do Now?

If you are affected then you need to

A) contact Atomic Aquatics directly at the details listed below and they will facilitate the replacement of your regulator hose.

B) contact your Nearest Atomic Aquatics Dealer so they can facilitate the replacement of your regulator hose.

Please be aware that there may be some time for your replacement hose to arrive and be fitted and your affected hose will be destroyed. Contact your nearest dealer ahead of time so they can organise for a replacement hose to arrive before turning up or sending your regulator in. The Dive Centre will need the Serial Number of your regulator and the date stamp on the affected hose(s).

The hose replacement should be free of charge for the hose and fitting but you are responsible for travel and shipping costs so we recommend contacting your nearest dealer instead of where you bought the regulator from.


Atomic Aquatics

If you need further assistance to determine if your hose is affected, please contact Atomic's service team at (888) 270-8595 ext. 4, or via email at [email protected].