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Atomic Cobalt Recall

Atomic Aquatics Cobalt Recall
Atomic Aquatics Europe has announced a compulsory recall of a number of the Cobalt dive computers after a possible assembly problem was discovered that may cause the high pressure sensor to leak. Although there  have been no reports of of this problem in the UK Atomic Aquatics have decided to call back and inspect all units within a serial range.
The units affected by the recall have serial dates beginning with 2210-XXXX through 1612-XXXX. The first four digits are actually a manufacturing date, for instance 2210 represents the 22nd week of 2010.
Therefore the recall affects units manufactured between the 22nd week of 2010 and the 16th week of 2012. The XXXX represents the individual unit number of the dive computer. Please note that even though your Cobalt may fall within the affected range it may not actually have the assembly issue and will be quickly returned to you. Until the unit is inspected and tested using a special tool we can not say whether your unit will need to be returned to the Atomic factory for repair. Users are advised to immediately stop using the dive computer and return the unit to ANY authorised dealers who will be able to test the units and instantly be able to advise whether it is safe to use or must be repaired by Atomic Aquatics.

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