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Atomic Aquatics T3 Regulator Review


Think of the most awesome high performance car (or similar) known to mankind and then double it! That’s how awesome the Atomic T3 Regulator has been designed and built to be and it doesn’t disappoint. The Atomic T3 is a beautiful blend of exotic metals, precision machining, molding and clever design work to achieve a very light, high performing and smooth breathing regulator that will be very difficult to beat. Put on top of that the fact that you won’t need to service the T3 for three years or 300 dives thanks to new and improved components and existing features. The T3 also supports nitrox up to 40% straight out of the box AND all the metal parts are covered by a lifetime warranty. 

Atomic T3 Regulator 


A major change from the previous T2 model is a focus on weight reduction. Every piece and component has been looked at with a view to strip away material in an effort to reduce the weight. Nothing is safe. The A-Clamp and DIN thumb wheel have both been redesigned and the titanium components of both stage have been revised. The result is a fully featured, metal, high performance regulator that weighs just 740g (DIN) overall and that includes the rubber hose. The narrow first stage features a seriously high performing balanced piston design that uses the Atomic exclusive ‘Jet Seat’ piston for high flow and quick response times. The body is precision machined from solid titanium billet which is both light and strong. The first stage provides two high pressure ports and a total of five low pressure ports arrange around a swivelling low pressure turret. Unlike most piston first stages the T3 is packed with O2 compatible grease and factory sealed to provide cold water performance and reliability as well as protection from silt, sand and other contaminants.

 Atomic T3 First stage          Atomic T3 First stage  


The second stage continues the lightweight, high performance and high quality principles of the first stage. The second stage meets the rubber hose with a PVD coated titanium knuckle style comfort swivel joint that offers far superior ease of movement than cheaper swivels. The PVD coating to the swivel and the front face outer ring increases the scratch resistance of the metal. 

Atomic T3 Second stage 


The balanced valve is fitted with Atomic’s ‘Seat Saving Orifice’ which helps to prolong life of the soft low pressure seat. A standard valve works by forcing the orifice into the seat in order to close the valve, even when the regulator isn’t being used. The Atomic valve lifts the orifice away from the seat when the regulators are pressurised (taken off the cylinder), significantly reducing the wear and tear on the seat. Inhalation resistance can be adjusted using a rapid control knob fitted to the outside of the housing to allow for de-tuning of the second stage in special circumstances. Like other Atomic Regulators the T3 is fitted with the ‘Automatic Flow Control’ system that eliminates the need to switch between pre-dive and dive modes. These modes control the flow of air within the second stage, directing air directly to the mouthpiece for optimal performance or back towards the diaphragm at the front of the housing to help close the valve quickly. The T3 handles is for the diver, subtly changing the flow as the diver descends and ascends. Other features include a dual material front cover that allows the entire front cover to be used as a purge button without affecting the performance of the valve or spoiling the styling and a dual silicone mouthpiece which is mostly made from a soft silicone but moulded with a harder density silicone on the bite tabs. The regulator is, of course, packaged with a deluxe padded bag that has ample room for a full set. If money is no object and you want nothing but the best then there surely is no other regulator for you. For more details, images and to watch our product video, head over to the T3 product page at Simply Scuba.