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The New AquaLung Outlaw

The AquaLung Outlaw is the newest lightweight wing to join their line up and it's turning a few heads.  The whole system is made to be modular in construction so you have greater flexibility on size and configuration.




The lead designer wanted the Outlaw to be as small, streamlined and simple as possible. You can add as much or as little to it as you like thanks to the QR mounts and the design of the backplate.


The soft backplate has quick release, rotating mounts all over it for waist and shoulder straps as well as weight pockets if you want integrated weight pockets.  Anti-roll plates either side of your cylinder stop your cylinder turning or rolling side-to-side.


The Outlaw was made for the travelling diver who wants as little gear as possible for a purer dive.  With a slim 25lb / 11kg wing that wraps around the cylinder and harness setup you have full freedom of movement in the water and it's incredibly light to travel.

Because of the design the whole BCD packs down flat and small so it's great for travelling. Webbing loops replace heavier D-Rings again making the Outlaw lighter.  



Right now the Outlaw is due in the UK around Summer '17 but it's due a couple changes and it has to go through CE testing before it'll be released here.  From what I've heard a few mounts on the backplate are being removed from the initial prototype show in dive shows in the interest of making it more minimalist and these may not be the only changes.


Right now it has an estimated weight of 2.25kg but this and many of the details can change between now and when it's finally released.