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AquaLung Inflator Recall

Yesterday afternoon Apeks/AquaLung issued this statement about their powerline inflators that might have a potential fault.  It doesn't affect any i3 BCDs but any with a standard inflator bought over the past couple years need to be checked for a potential fault.



The inflation button has been found in some units to stick in an open position causing the Powerline to continue inflating after the inflation button has been released, increasing the potential of an uncontrolled accent.  While there have been reports of this occurring underwater, there have not been any reported injuries, Aqua Lung believes that a voluntary safety notice is the safe and prudent thing to do.  



If you bought an AquaLung or Apeks BCD since January 2015 what you need to do is take a look at your inflator and stamped into the plastic will be a letter and two numbers.  If your inflator has a 'H' then it was part of the batch of inflators that may develop the fault.  



There are a few exemptions to the recall: if your inflator has any other letter stamped into it then it is not affected, Inflators with an H date code with 2-dots has been updated at the factory.




Button covers with a center dot indicate the inflator has been updated.




We have gone through all of our stock and removed the affected units so rest assured any BCDs we send out after this day, 14/09/16, will not be affected.  We will be contacting all of our customers that could be affected in the next few days about the recall and how to act on the recall.


If your inflator is affected then you need to bring it to your nearest AquaLung/Apeks Dive Centre or Apeks/AquaLung themselves for them to update the button before diving with it again.  Dive Centres might not be able to replace it on the spot as it requires parts that need to come from AquaLung but they can update it over time so please be patient.


You don't have to return it to where you bought it from, you can return it to any authorised dealer around the world, Apeks have a dealer locator on their website to help you find your closest dealer.


The replacement parts are free of charge and covered as a warranty part but you are responsible for the return cost so we recommend to take it to your closest dealer instead of returning it to where you bought it to save costs.    



For additional assistance please contact your local authorized Aqua Lung dealer  or call customer service at (0044)1254 692200 or email them at Apeks Marine Equipment Ltd – Head Office Address  Neptune Way, Blackburn, Lancashire, England, BB1 2BT