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Apeks XL4 Regulator

Apeks have just released an exciting new regulator with some understated benefits.  The XL4 is a small and fairly light weight regulator but still cold water rated.  Designed for technical divers who would have multiple stages the 2nd stage is light weight and simple to reduce jaw fatigue and the DB4 1st stage is a modified DS4 with features from the MTX-R.


We offer 2 options for this regulator:

XL4 Stage 3 Set which includes a first and second stage plus matching octopus

XL4 Stage 4 Set which includes everything in the Stage 3 set plus an Apeks Double Gauge

Tested to EN250A the XL4 had to be able to supply air at 50m at 2°C including an octo and has a light breathe of just 0.9J/l at 1°C.  Over balanced diaphragm design means it will actually be able to deliver more gas at depth than it would at the surface.


Cold Water

Starting with the 1st stage the new DB4 has the same basic design as the popular DS4 with a single high pressure port and four low pressure ports.  New features like an over sized end cap which protects the 1st stage from bumps and scrapes as well as acting as an environmental seal.  Next to this is a large heat-sync design which further improves the cold water performance. 


The XL4 2nd stage has a design origin from the Flight which makes it very compact but with some design changes to make it more practical for the technical diver.  The front cover is a solid purge button with a great positive feel to it, easy to use even with thick gloves.  The only adjustment you have on the 2nd stage is a Venturi lever which is again easy to find and use even with gloves. The exhaust tee is made from a semi-rigid polymer which gives it a good feel and flexibility if you need.

The DB4 1st stage is compact too, a preferred stage regulator for many divers thanks to its compact size and performance so the upgraded DS4 should do well in any configuration.

Light Weight

With braided hoses, a compact 1st and 2nd stage the combination regulator stays lightweight but still capable of diving in cold waters so perfect for a UK diving regulator at home that you can then fly abroad easier.

The lightweight 2nd stage was originally made to be comfortable for technical divers on longer dives as a smaller and lighter 2nd stage with a comfobite mouthpiece won’t require much effort to hold it in place, reducing jaw fatigue.


Is this a Regulator For Me?

While the XL4 was originally designed for technical divers it will be great for any diver due to it’s simple design and function and its performance in any environment. The 1st stage has all the features you need for a single, twin or stage cylinder setup unless you want to dive with a SPG and transmitter on a single as it only has one high pressure port.

The second stage has a light but solid feel to it with a strong purge button with a positive feel to it. The only adjustment you have is a Venturi lever but many don’t use breathing adjustment after the first couple dives.

Bottom line if you’re a British diver who dives at home but also wants to travel occasionally or a travelling diver who wants to dive in the UK occasionally the XL4 will be a great regulator for you.