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Apeks Flight Bulletin

Today Apeks released a safety bulletin regarding their Flight regulators for users to inspect their regulators for a missing part.

In their statement they said:

There has been one incident reported out in the field of a Flight regulator failing during a dive, after investigation the root cause was the slide locking ring part number AP7595 had not been assembled...

...if the problem is identified, then the regulator should not be dived and must be returned to an authorised technician for repair.


Because of this Apeks need to be sure that this is an isolated case and kindly ask that any diver with a set of Flight regulators double check that the locking ring is fitted to each second stage.


What's the Problem?

The Flight 2nd stage has a plastic locking ring on the 2nd stage that secures the hose to the 2nd stage but an incident suggests that one regulator was missing this part after the manufacturing process.

The Flight regulator doesn't use a traditional regulator hose and the fitting requires a ratchet locking ring to stop the regulator hose unscrewing and disconnecting from the 2nd stage.


Am I Affected?

If you have an Apeks Flight regulator all you need to do is look for the locking ring, pictured below highlighted in red, fitted to each of your 2nd stages. If you have them fitted then you're fine and not affected. If you Do Not have one of these fitted to both 2nd stages then you are affected.



I am Affected, What Now?

If you are missing a locking ring the first thing is to not use your regulators until an Apeks technician looks at them.   The Apeks technician can fit one to your regulators and let Apeks know the serial number so Apeks can track the issue.

Bare in mind not all Apeks dealers may have this part in stock so you may have to leave your regs with them for a little while for them to get one in from Apeks.


Hopefully this is just an isolated case where one part was missed during manufacturing on one set of regulators but it's important to check your regulators if you use Flights for the missing part.

No matter what regulators you use you should check all the hoses are tight before every dive to avoid incidents in the water and stay safe.


Safe Diving,