Annual Whale Hunt Halved by Activists

The Whaling fleet from Japan have not hidden their anger, revealing how much anti-whaling activists disrupted the hunt off Antarctica. The hunt, which takes place every year, returned with just over half the amount of whales as they had aimed to catch, 507. The angry Japanese whalers blamed the outcome on the “violent interference” which came from the anti-whaling Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The society caused the whaling ships to paralyse for 31 days. The whalers set out towards the end of last year to kill almost 1000 Whales in the seas off Antarctica, but they only managed to catch 507 whales in total, 506 Minke Whales and one Fin whale. Tokyo Bay saw the last whaling ship return home with most of the hunts catch on board. It has been the smallest catch for years. Peter Bethune, one of the activists of the Sea Shepherds, boarded a harpoon ship in attempt to carry out a citizen's arrest on the captain and is now awaiting trial in Japan for doing so. Mr Bethune has been charged with five offences and if he is convicted he could face a prison sentence. 1986 saw the International Whaling Commission ban commercial whaling because so many whales were being killed and stocks couldn't be replenished. Japan says their annual whale hunts are used for scientific research, but meat that doesn't get used for studies ends up in restaurants and shops.

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