Actress sparks snorkelling trend

Well, if Jessica Alba is at it, then it must be on-trend. The US actress was spotted on holiday in Italy giving her four-year-old daughter a lesson in snorkelling. It’s clear that little Honor is already a real water baby, for she swam happily around in a rubber ring in the hotel pool with her mum for hours. Mum and daughter both donned snorkels and enjoyed the fun of swimming underwater. Honor seemed very keen to learn the art of snorkelling. Then, when  Honor got out of the pool to dry off, Jessica made the most of the empty pool swimming lengths and enjoying the fun of snorkelling herself. Mum, Honor and her other daughter Haven, who is just over a year old, were on holiday on the Amalfi Coast.

Do you fancy snorkelling?

It’s an easy sport to take up and offers lots of fun for holidaying families. You could stick to the pool with your mask and snorkel and play underwater games, such as diving down for an object. But there is so much more to snorkelling if you take it into open water. If you’re new to the sport it’s a good idea to take instruction from someone who is familiar with the waters or sea where you are. But with only a little experience and some know-how about where is safe to snorkel, you could be off taking in a fascinating underwater show. Snorkels offer great scope for looking underwater. The large mask helps with all-round viewing, while a snorkel allows you to breath while swimming. If you need to dive underwater you can do so by holding your breath – and then come up to the surface again to continuing breathing by snorkel.

Great holiday places to snorkel in Italy

If like Jessica you have wisely chosen Italy for your holiday, you’ll find a host of fabulous places to snorkel. Italy is renowned for its staggering coastal beauty from sandy beaches to rocky headlands. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean.  Snorkelling on the coastline offers amazing turquoise seas and fabulous sandy beaches. You’ll discover numerous snorkel-friendly bays, caves and dazzling rocky formations. Highlights include Costa Smerelda and Algerho. The best way to get to the most beautiful places is to hire a boat. Two miles from Trinita d’Agultu, you’ll discover the small costal town of Isola Rosa. You can snorkel in shallow pools surrounded by a stunning landscape of red rocks. In Costa Paradiso resort, there is a port called Porto Leccio offering kayaks for rent.  You will find it impossible not to find amazing bays and coves for safe snorkelling! Do you have any top places to recommend for snorkelling in Italy?

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