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A Thrilling New Scuba Experience

With the acceleration of world travel, it has become easier to try out your favourite sport in a variety of fantastic and remote environments. Capitalising on this, many holiday companies have for a long while offered specialist sporting trips - such as holidays tailored specifically around scuba diving. With more demand from the public for greater adventure, could the combined sports trip now be a big thing?


Many people want to experience unforgettable adventures during their lifetime and are now more able to do this if they have both the money and inclination. Tailored beach holidays are increasingly available for the discerning customer and there is no reason why this cannot also apply to sports adventure trips. Scuba divers are used to the thrill of swimming in different oceans, experiencing a range of environments and water temperatures, exploring unknown underwater worlds. But now there are new, high-octane experiences that combine scuba diving with various other sports for the ultimate adrenaline rush.


Black Tomato are an innovative travel company that are offering the ultimate sports adventure, sky diving followed by a scuba dive.....in the arctic circle! If you have a basic PADI qualification, this extreme environment can offer the experienced scuba diver a dive like no other. Plunging below thick ice will provide an opportunity to view an all new aquatic world, with the chance to see seals and sea lions in their own environment and experience the beautiful ice formations and colours of the arctic water. This forty minute dive will surely be the scuba diving experience of a lifetime? The north pole is a unique landscape and this trip also offers the chance to see its wonders from above as you sky-dive. Whether you have sky dived before or not, this five minute jump must surely be unique. There is also the chance to enter the Guinness World Record books as this north pole trip is a one-off, never done before travel adventure! It is a great thing for those in the scuba diving community to be offered a chance to experience something like this arctic circle adventure from Black Tomato. If you are a frequent scuba diver with the resources to dive around the world, it is always great to find a way to push your experience to a new level. However, with highly experienced tandem sky-divers and arctic divers on hand to assist on this scuba and sky dive, there is also a chance for those with less experience to enjoy this exciting opportunity. 


Going on extreme adventure holidays like this means that by visiting thrilling environments, your interest in scuba diving can remain fresh and that you can also experience different extreme sports on the same trip - widening your general sporting interest. After all, surely sky diving and scuba diving at the north pole would be the ultimate sporting adventure that you'll remember for a lifetime.

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