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A New Legend Is Born

After much hype and secrecy at Aqua Lung the new Legend range of regulators are now available. The Legend comes in three different flavours, the standard Legend, the Legend LX and the Legend LUX – all of which are of the ‘Supreme’ specification. Aqua Lung Supreme regulators are specially adjusted for extreme cold and are also supplied with a lip shield for a little extra comfort but can be easily removed.


All three models share the same major components: The Legend range uses an over balanced first stage which allows the intermediate pressure in the hoses to increase faster than a standard balanced system as the diver descends. The main benefit of this increase is to compensate for the increased density of the breathing gas by allowing for a larger volume to pass through the system. The first stage is also environmentally sealed to help prevent ice building up on the main spring which can occur when diving in extreme conditions. In the same respect the seal also creates a barrier against contaminants and debris such as silt from entering the main spring chamber.


To further protect the internal components of the first stage, the Legend is fitted with an ‘Auto-Closure Device’, a mechanism that springs shut when the pressure is purged before the regulators are removed from the cylinder. The mechanism prevents water (especially salt water) from entering the first stage, degrading the filter and other essential parts. The first provides the essential configuration of four low pressure and two high pressure required for cold water diving, equally split each side. Aqua Lung (like a lot of manufacturers now) has fitted a braided hose which offer a number of benefits over the standard hose construction. Firstly they are lighter, shaving a little weight off the overall regulator. Secondly they have a high burst pressure for improved safety.


Thirdly they are UV protected, no more cracked and perishing hoses if they are left in the sun for any length of time. The second stage has been made smaller and lighter for better comfort in the mouth and on the jaw. It still features an pneumatically balanced system, allowing gas to pass through to the opposite side of the valve to counter the force of the spring, providing a reduced inhalation effort and improved ease of breathing. So what are the differences between the three models?


The Legend LUX Supreme is the flagship version, modelling a very stylish black and pink gold finish. The colour isn’t just for looks though, the PVD finish is a much harder and durable coating than traditional chrome plating. The second stage also features Aqua Lung’s new ‘Master Breathing System’ (MBS), a two in one control to adjust both the inhalation and venturi settings. The LUX is also the only version that is supplied in a very nice Legend branded reg case.
The Legend LX Supreme has the traditional matt finish chrome plated first stage, heat exchangers and trim on the second stage but sports all the same features of the LUX.
The Legend Supreme again has the same matt chrome finish to the first stage and heat exchangers but a plain black second stage to differentiate between the models. The Legend Supreme also lacks the MBS control, instead featuring a more traditional venturi lever to adjust the second stage air flow.

Overall, as we come to expect from Aqua Lung, the new Legend is a very nicely designed regulator, incorporating all the cold water reliability that Aqua Lung have learnt from its purchase of Apeks a number of years ago. Easier on the eye than its sibling the Apeks XTX 200 in my opinion with the black and pink gold colouring becoming more and more appealing every time I look at it. An exceptionally well performing cold water regulator that should be on the short list of any UK diver’s wish list.