5 Indoor Diving Destinations

Are you sick of nature? Do you hate sunlight? Isn’t it better inside? Man has worked for thousands of years to better improve life inside so why dive outside? With pleasant lighting, straight lines and tiles there are pools all over the world that you can dive all year round in.  You don't have to worry about the weather or poor visibility, the only thing you need to worry about is chlorine stinging your eyes.

Most pools you can dive in are too shallow or lack the volume to do much more than practice simple skills.  So if you're looking for something different check out some cool indoor dive locations. 


Y-40, Italy 45.3195° N, 11.7846° E

 This is currently the deepest pool in the world at 40 metres, equivalent to the height of a 12 story building. It has caves and ledges to explore with a long glass tunnel and windows so everyone can see you dive. It's like being in an underwater tube station. The Y-40 was created just because someone left the tap on. Or if you don’t fancy diving there is even a sunbathing deck where you can relax.


Nemo 33, Brussels, Belgium 50.7961° N, 4.3171° E

 Designer John Ceernaerts vision was to create a huge indoor complex with underwater chambers and tunnels. It is 33m deep and was formally the deepest pool in the world until the number 1 on this list was created. It is so big you can easily lose your kid.

Dive through a passageway, tunnels and rooms. There are even windows that allow passer-by to look through.


Valhalla Nuclear Missile Silo, USA 32°18'54.5"N 99°54'20.6"W

 This is a decommissioned Atlas nuclear silo. It is separated into 2 separate silos, one is 2 stories tall and was the command centre and crew quarters. The other is over 54 metres tall, 39 metres of which are filled with water. This is where the blast doors are.


Bonne Terre Mine, USA 37.9231° N, 90.5554° W

 This is Americas number one underwater attraction. This huge underground mine was flooded after being abandoned and slowly filled with water over time. Dive through history and see the scattered remains of carts, picks, drills. Maybe even recreate the scene from temple of doom with an underwater twist. This is a hauntingly cool dive site.


Blue Abyss, England TBA


 Coming soon to Bedfordshire England is the Blue Abyss. This pool is due to open in 2020 and brags that it will be the deepest in the world at 50 metres! As well as a dive site it will also serve as an astronaut training centre with classrooms, a shop, a restaurant and much more this will be a fantastic place to visit when it's completed.


 NASA NBL, USA 29.6066° N, 95.1432° W


62m long and over 12m deep NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory is where astronauts practice EVAs on a mock up of ISS and other vehicles to simulate microgravity.  Teams of divers aid the astronauts in the water and an underwater tannoy system allows control to orchestrate different scenarios. 


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