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XDEEP NX Project Wing




The XDEEP NX Project Wing is a modern take on a classic bladder design. A more streamlined design and smaller dead zone reduces drag while increasing lift.  The unique NX design attaches the corrugated hose directly to the bladder so there is no elbow and fewer failure points.

Attaching the corrugated hose directly to the bladder in the centre opens up the space between your cylinder valves for easier shutdowns and improves airflow in and out of the bladder.  The donut bladder has a reduced volume up around your shoulders giving you better trim and holdin you upright on the surface.



 The NX Project Wing is made for the modern technical diver who dives twin cylinders and can appreciate the small details and features XDEEP have made to improve the wing.


 Fitted with a standard K-Style inflator the wing should fit any standard inflator with a DIN Int'l fitting.  9 possible mounting options gives you flexibility mounting to a backplate and any with a slot down the lower spine would work perfectly no matter the brand.


 As the name suggests the NX Project Wing is just a wing so you will need a backplate, harness and any pockets or pouches you want for your diving.

We recommend 


 If you're looking to build a complete backplate and harness setup the NX Project Wing comes included in both a Steel and Aluminium System already put together so all you have to do is adjust for your size and preference.

If you're just looking for a donut wing then there are some similar ones out there like the Hydros 40 that has similar specs but without the NX flare.  The WTX D45 is also a strong contender with plenty of lift and a strong build to it's traditional style.


Buoyancy 23kg / 52lbs
Dry Weight 1kg / 2.2lbs

Grommet centres (from top grommet)

+35, +70, +275, +310, +347mm 


The inner bladder is made from a 440 Nylon dTEX material that itself is abrasion resistant surrounded by a protective 1100 Cordura dTEX shell.


External Shell 1100 dTEX
Inflator Location Centre
Internal Bladder 440 dTEX
Lift (N) 225.00 N
Lift (kg) 23.00 kg
Lift (lbs) 52.00 lbs
Tanks Twins
Wing Shape Donut

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