WaterProof are an award winning Swedish drysuit manufacturer who offer high quality drysuits, wetsuits and accessories packed with features to ensure your comfort and safety during your dives. WaterProof have designed and delivered an extensive line of high performance exposure protection with top-of-the-range materials and fabrics since 1984. Their suits are designed over a long time, often three to four years of design and testing in the Arctic to make sure that their suits are perfect for your needs. Made for divers by divers, WaterProof use hands-on experience to design and tailor their suits, adjusting them according to their experience. With headquarters in Sweden their products are built for Arctic conditions so no matter how cold the water gets a WaterProof drysuit will keep you warm. Our Simply Scuba collection of WaterProof Drysuits cover a broad spectrum of needs from advanced military, technical diving to leisure recreational diving.