Today Suunto computers and gauges are seen all over the world used by beginner divers and advanced technical divers alike. Suunto were the first to produce the worlds first watch sized dive computer and since have built a wide range of dive computers suitable for a range of divers from beginners to professional divers trusted around the globe. Suunto dive computers and instruments are known for innovation, quality and accuracy. The Suunto Vyper Novo and Suunto Zoop Novo are the most popular diving computers in the Simply Scuba range with the Suunto watch sized computers D-Series, D4i Novo, D6i Novo is the scuba diving computer of choice for active divers who want to wear their dive computer all the time. An analogue Suunto compass is available either as a wrist unit or as part of their instrument consoles. Please note we sell the northern hemisphere version only. From apnea freediving to technical diving with everything inbetween Suunto make a computer and gauge for you.