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Suunto Diving

Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Computer


£215.00 £235.00

Item code: 310242

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Suunto Diving

Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Computer


£215.00 £235.00


The Suunto Zoop Novo is an easy to use entry level dive computer packed full of features to see you through your dive career. The large display, dot matrix screen and four button user inteface make the Zoop Nova one of the easiest computers to use and understand with minimal training.


5 Modes

Air Mode sets your computer for recreational dives when you're breathing air. Displaying how deep you are and how long you can stay at that depth on top of other information.

Nitrox Mode adjusts your decompression algorithm for EANx mixes from 21-50% Oxygen. You can change your ppO2 where you prefer and an alarm will sound if you go too deep.

Free Mode is a snorkelling / apnea mode that has a dedicated system that will record your max depths and dive times without penalising you for ascending quickly or record decompression info.

Gauge Mode turns the computer into a simple depth gauge and bottom diver without recording any decompression info. You can only change out of gauge mode after 48hrs because the computer isn't recording your decompression info.

Off Mode deactivates the water activation so the computer doesn't activate every time it gets wet.


Easy to Use

Large segment digits display your depth at the top and the central section has a dot matrix screen that can display more complex information easily and spell out what each piece of information means.

Four button user interface allows for an easy to use menu structure similar to other high-end Suunto computers so navigating the Zoop is quick and easy.

The screen itself has a backlight to illuminate itself in the dark and will also glow in the dark when charged by a torch or bright light.



Air Integration No
Algorithm RGBM
Apnea Mode Yes
Connectivity USB (not included)
Depth 2.6 cm
Display Type Partial Dot Matrix
Dive Computer Style Wireless
Dive Type Scuba
Diving Depth 80.00 m
Gas Nitrox 21 to 50
Gas Trimix No
Integrated Compass No
Length 6.6 cm
Rebreather Mode No
User Changeable Battery Yes
Width 6.6 cm

Product ratings

1 August 2016

my husband has just used on our recent holiday in Zante & the dive instructor said I had chosen well. thank you for the advice

27 September 2016

I would''ve liked a proper instruction manual with it was stated in the quick start guide

19 October 2016

I have a Cobra which uses an earlier interface (3 button controls), I bought this Zoop partly as a backup to replace a really old Solution which has just given up the ghost. At present I find the older Cobra interface much easier to use, this one is

11 November 2016

I bought this as my first dive computer and I chose it because of Suunto''s excellent reputation, it''s ease of use, and solid build (as well as having the ability to use Suunto''s DM5 electronic dive logs. You''ll need to buy the cable to download t

12 November 2016

Great product easy to use

18 April 2017

As a new diver I was unsure what computer I should get. This one was recommended and it has been great. It was very easy to set up and easy to use whilst on the dive. The screen is a good size and clear. Also getting all the info after was simple.

17 May 2017

Absolutely amazing diving computer, perfect for recreational diving

22 June 2017

Nice big screen and easy to set up. Great value for money. Buttons are difficult to press with gloves on but that''s not surprising really! Ideal beginners computer.

10 July 2017

A replacement for a misplaced Zoop. Has a few more features than the zoop - would recommend.

11 July 2017

nice easy to use has a good sized readable screen will use simply scuba again and have recommended to my friends

21 July 2017

In reality totally fine - basic and good value. Be aware the Suunto tables are incredibly conservative. This went into deco on a dive when a Scubapro still had 14 mins non-deco, and an Oceanic even longer...

4 August 2017

Looks and feels great large display great for older eyes.

7 August 2017

Very simple to start using and clear to read. Especially like the way it plays back your dive profile min by minute. Shame the lead to allow connection to PC is so expensive. Hopefully many years of reliable use to come.

29 October 2017

if your just starting out like me you will find this dive computer very easy to use, it's not overly complicated but it has all the information that you need to help you dive safer, it stores your dive logs as well showing you how deep you've been and for how long on a timeline graph. Most importantly for me, it has a visual and audible alert if you have surfaced too quickly and tells you how deep to go for your safety stop and gives you a countdown when its safe to rise again. there is only one issue I have and that's the buttons are a little small to press with gloves on, but don't let this put you off as this is very minor and on a basic dive you won't need to mess with the buttons unless you need to press the built-in light.

6 December 2017

Best dive computer to start dive! Reliable, easy to use and conservative! And in simplyscuba you got the best price , you won't find cheaper!

25 January 2018

As a newby, I found that straight out of the box this is very easy and intuitive to use. Easy to navigate menu structure and with the large display easy to read, especially as the eye's are getting on a bit.

25 April 2018

This is ideal for new divers or makes a simple back up for the more experienced. Really good price and good user interface.

31 July 2018

Brilliant computer for the price. Ideal for beginners and experiences divers alike. Does everything your average recreational diver will need. Great quality as expected from Suunto.

21 September 2018

Ideal for receational diving. Large clear display. Easy to navigate and has the advantage of being able to select Nitrox Mode and Deep Stop Mode. Only dissapointment was that Mode button failed after 4 dives so had to return and obtain a replacement, but service at the shop was excellant

25 September 2018

Really great starter computer. Easy to read and the menu system is also relatively easy to understand.

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