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Suunto Diving

Suunto Transmitter with LED Transmitter


£221.00 £260.00

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Suunto Diving

Suunto Transmitter with LED Transmitter


£221.00 £260.00


The Upgraded Suunto Transmitter with LED will wirelessly send your cylinder pressure to your dive computer to monitor tank pressure and air consumption data while you dive.

With LED

Inside the transmitter is a small green LED that gentle flashes to let you know that it's activated and working. The transparent base of the transmitter means you can see the light from virtually any angle.

The new LED will not disturb marine life or illuminate the surrounding water in low light conditions as it has been specially designed and the light output is low to allow close visual indications only.

The transmitter is attached to an HP port on the first stage some first stages may need a Suunto Transmitter Spacer or a short High-Pressure Hose and swivel which moves the transmitter further from the first stage to avoid damage to either.

The Suunto Transmitter is powered by a user-replaceable 3v lithium ½ AA battery. Replacement battery kits also contain a new O-ring and cover, which must be changed at the same time. Battery life is around 2 years (at 100 dives per year).


  • Monitor tank pressure and air consumption data wirelessly.
  • User replaceable battery.
  • Green LED light to indicate data sending.


  • Compatible with Suunto DX, D6i Novo, D4i Novo, Vyper Novo, and HelO2 dive computers.
  • Compatible with cylinder pressure up to 300 bar.
  • Battery life approx. 2 years (100 dives/year).
  • Connects to HP port on first stage.

All of our Transmitters have the 2017 upgrade that can be seen with the laser etched O on the body

Dive Computer Style Wireless
Watch Sized
Dive Type Scuba

Product ratings

10 June 2013

Following the sad demise of my old transmitter, I scoured the Internet for the best deal Simplyscuba winner! it was also good to see that Suunto have upgraded the transmitter so that pairing is for the life of the battery, saves getting the fail warn

18 November 2013

Dead easy to use, just connect and go... Its a bit large though

29 November 2013

It hasn't been used yet underwater, it's a gift. But I have had previous experience with the same transmitter and I am very satisfied with this product. Very good service from Simply Scuba and as well as fast delivery time.

3 December 2013

Could do with a short hose as its slightly difficult to fit to regs when you have allot attached and every so often it will loose signal with he computer, but it only happened twice so far. Overall very impressed.

18 December 2013

They need to tell you that you need an adaptor - otherwise its a very, very tight fit on the reg and you have to take other hoses off first

6 January 2014

although i havent used it as of yet i like that its small and doesnt interfere with your hoses, so there is enough room to get everything including this transmitter, without loseing you gauge.

27 November 2014

Not much one can say really, just screw it into the first stage and pair with your Suunto dive computer, to get a readout of tank preassure, take remaining etc. very simple to use, apart from turning on the regulator, everything else is controlled

29 April 2015

Great item, very useful. It could be a little smaller as it begins to look like an extra handle on your reg sets but overall an excellent accessory. No screen to worry about the size of!

8 May 2015

Well made, and does exactly what it says it will do. Easy to connect to Vyper Air.

24 June 2015

The transmitter is very large and gets in the way of other hoses when screwing into the first stage.

24 August 2015

It really is as simple as plug and play. Would highly recommend for any recreational diver. Very convenient having everything on one screen

18 April 2017

Great product. Used it a few times now and had no issues. Provides peace of mind for a newbie like me.

8 December 2017

I was lucky to have this bought for me a couple of years ago from my wife, now i've returned the favour! it really is charge it up and go diving, it's that easy, good price and excellent delivery service on a great product! would highly recomend

16 January 2018

does what it says on the tin. no faults.

3 April 2018

Great service once again from the gang at ScubaPro

18 June 2018

Great product works perfectly, sometimes will unsync but to re sync takes 10 seconds, light weight and robust. I wish it had a slightly lower profile so it did not protutrude from my first stage as high as it does but that me being fussy

31 August 2018

Wireless air integration on your dive computer is really nice to have. No hassle to search for that spg anymore, with this transmitter all the information you need is on your wrist.

3 September 2018

So nice to have the wireless air integration.Sends everything you need to know too your wrist making it really easy to manage your dive.

25 November 2019

The transmitter was easy to install with simple to follow instructions and connected almost instantaneously to my dive computer (Suunto Vytec) when I pressurised my regs and held the computer nearby.

18 February 2020

Great item perfect for diving

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