Suunto Tank POD Transmitter


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Suunto Tank POD Transmitter


£240.00 £280.00


Suunto Tank Pod wirelessly transmits your tank pressure to your Suunto EON Computer. The Tank POD has newer digital communications between itself and select Suunto Dive computers compared to the standard analogue Transmitter.


Connects To Any 1st Stage in a High Pressure port (7/16") to send air pressure data to your EON Computer.


LED Function Alert informs you when the unit is functioning and sending data to your EON computer. A subtle light that is ideal for tank pairing but isn't so bright that it will startle fish.


2 Year Battery Life with average use (100 dives a year).




  • Compatible with Suunto EON & D5 Computers
  • Monitor tank pressure and air consumption data wirelessly from dive computer
  • Green LED light indicates active data sending
  • Battery life approx. 2 years (100 dives/year)

Product ratings

17 May 2016

Great addition to the eon

3 November 2016

Does exactly what is advertised

30 November 2017

The product itself is great, but remember to check the clearance on your first stage. If the ports are close together it won't fit and you'll need to buy either a short HP hose or the 1st stage transmitter extension that Suunto make. Considering the price of the transmitter and computer it would have been nice if Suunto just included this in the package but they don't.

6 February 2018

I love this product and its functionality it works really well with my Eon Core. With its big full colour screen display it's easy viewable to see the gauge. One thing that does let it down though is that it doesn't go up to 300 bar only 250 maybe Suunto could have a recall on this and do an update or I'm not sure whether it's a software thing. Which woukd be an easier fix.

18 December 2018

Works very well, after 1st pairing, its automatic as soon you open the air valve. Nice product

10 January 2019

Quick delivery and nice product. Does what it says on the tin:)

3 June 2019

Excellent addition to EON Core. Highly recommended. If you are thinking of getting stop thinking and grab one

25 June 2019

Excellent bit of kit easy to set up and sync. One issue I had is availability of HP port, this can be sorted by ordering a valve adapter so you can have gauges and pod on one port

2 July 2019

Great to be able to see how my air is on my dive computer. Easy to use.

24 July 2019

This item is a must have for anyone with a D5. It's great to be able to plot the air consumption etc. in the dive log. Service and delivery was all great. Nice and quick and the correct item was sent. Only one star removed, not because of any fault of the seller, but because I believe this item to be a bit overpriced by Suunto when someone has already spent out on a new D5. The price from SimplyScuba was the lowest I could find on the web. so 10/10 to simply scuba on price, but 1/10 for Suuntos RRP!!!

24 February 2020