Suunto CB Two Gauge


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Suunto CB Two Gauge


£159.00 £169.00


The Suunto CB Two has a submersible pressure gauge and a compass mounted within a modular design housing that allows the additional and modification of the layout by adding extra gauge or dive computer modules as needed.


Modular Design can easily add or remove sections in the future to reflect your diving; you can add a depth gauge or mount the compass on the end or on the back as all three sections have the same fittings, all held together with simple cross-head screws.


Linear Scale SM-36 Gauge with a red indication area between 50-0 bar. A reducing green hatch pattern is shown from the max 360 down to 100 bar. The gauge has a phosphorescent dial which can be activated by shining torch light on to the gauge, causing the gauge to glow and be read in low light conditions.


Incorporated Attachment Loops at the end and either side of the hose entry point and at the point. A Miflex braided hose is included which has a higher burst pressure and is much lighter than traditional rubber hoses.


  • Gauges, compasses and dive computers fit together like building blocks to give you individual diving freedom.
  • Robust
  • Easy to read
  • Includes Suunto HP 33 inch braided hose


  • Hose Length: 29" (approx)

Product ratings

28 June 2010

Nice and compact as long as you are using a computer for the depth.

3 September 2013

Nice bit of kit. Well made, very flexible hose. Compas dial has a quality feel to it.

16 February 2015

Great compass with tilt function and great gauge to be built with the empty housing for my computer.