Snorkelling Bags

Snorkelling bags should be lightweight to make them convenient to travel and carry but made from strong, durable materials that can withstand hours in the sun, sand and water without fading or deteriorating. Most bags are made using tough mesh panels that not only help to reduce the weight of the bag but also allows excess water to quickly drain out and the equipment inside to air and dry. Snorkelling bags are typically found in a few different styles and your choice will depend on how much snorkelling equipment you need to store and carry. Duffel style bags offer some of the largest capacities and most usable spaces thanks to their uniform dimensions that can accommodate multiple snorkeling sets including full length snorkeling fins. Duffel bags usually feature webbing handles and a large straight or U shaped zip that provides easy access to the contents. Due to their lightweight nature duffel snorkelling bags can be folded or rolled down to very small sizes and kept out of the way when not needed. Rucksack styles bags allow for a little more convenience if walking for longer distances to a snorkeling site as the shoulder straps keep your hands free to hold other items. Rucksack snorkeling bags are still typically constructed from mesh panels for breathability but will feature a hard wearing bottom that will resist scratches and abrasion. It is also common to find an external zipped pocket or two for storing small items that need to be accessed quickly. Dedicated snorkeling bags are designed to hold one complete set with compartments for a mask, snorkel and fins. These types of bag are usually fitted with an over the shoulder strap, are made from a harder wearing material and mesh panels for air flow, a large compartment for fins and then separate external pockets for a snorkel and a mask.

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