Snorkel Sets

By purchasing a snorkel set you save both time and money. The mask and snorkel (and possibly fins) have been paired together to offer you a simple purchasing solution. Almost every mask will work with every snorkel, but with so much choice it can be bewildering as to which to select. By purchasing a snorkel set this simplifies the process. For more advice read our advice on buying a snorkeling mask or buying a snorkel read our advice pages. Most masks will fit most faces, snorkels will fit most mouths. Like all things in life, you get what you pay for. The same is true with the best snorkel sets. We don't sell plastic skirted masks that you find in supermarkets, beach shops or non specialist retailers. These often cause skin irritation and leak water, our equipment offers high performance and comfort. Whether the snorkel set is for you or your children you want it to offer the best levels of practicality, safety and comfort. Our packs offer just this. Conforming to all the latest European Union regulations for safety our snorkelling equipment is both safe and comfortable. Nervous snorkelers should purchase a snorkel with both a valve and a wave chamber to ensure they don't get any water in their mouths. A good snorkel can really boost your confidence and in hand your enjoyment in the water. If your snorkel set includes fins (don't call them flippers!) then select these based on your normal shoe size. Most will slip on over bare feet but you can get those with boots which are ideal if you need to enter the water over rough ground such as rocks.

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    Hydrotech Retainer Snorkelling Accessory - Black

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