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Simply Scuba

Simply Scuba Wetsuit Garment Bag


£27.00 £30.00

Item code: 309847

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Simply Scuba

Simply Scuba Wetsuit Garment Bag


£27.00 £30.00


The Simply Scuba Wetsuit Bag is a protective bag for your exposure suit to keep it newer for longer and to prevent damage when storing and transporting your suit. Wetsuits can deteriorate quickly if stored improperly or exposed to harmful UV rays.

Transporting your suit can rip and tear your suit causing damage ruining its performance and aesthetics. Packing your suit up at the dive site often soils your suit that then ends up in your car so keep it clean inside it's own protective suit bag. After the dive your wetsuit can drip dry inside the bag with two eyelets to let water out and then fold your bag in half and drive it home keeping the boot of your car cleaner.

Storing your suit must be done in a cool dark space to prevent accelerated ageing. Folding wetsuits into small bags creates creases that can never be undone, reducing its insulation across that area. Storing your wetsuit unfolded will maintain it's thermal performance over it's entire lifetime. Direct sunlight can discolour neoprene and cause it to deteriorate. Chemicals also produce damaging fumes that can deteriorate parts of the suit if stored in the same room so protect your suit inside.


  • Full Length Zip
  • ID Window
  • Top and Bottom Handle
  • Coathanger Open Top
  • UV resistant


Dimentions: 1870 x 540mm


Wetsuit and Coathanger not included

Bag Type Wheeled
Weight 650 g

Product ratings

6 October 2015

Well thought out design only issue is its slightly too long, up against a standard door it will drag along the floor. will easily fit up to 7mm suit comfortably.

9 November 2015

Very practical and hard wearing looks after your expensive wet suit

18 January 2016

Great product

22 January 2016

A great bit of kit.

6 December 2016

Would recommend drysuit cover. Excellent fast delivery.

6 January 2017

I bought this as a gift for my other half as I had bought him a semi dry wetsuit. It fits everything great. It''s a little on the long side but allows for the fins and other gear to be placed in which is pretty good. This is great for storage and tra

16 February 2017

Good and very long bag for holding wetsuits - I am 6"4 and there''s lots of space beyond the length of my wetsuit.

14 August 2017

Not much to say about a bag, it does the job, keeps my suit boots and hood tidy and doubles as a changing mat when needed. Great product but you can''t get over excited about something like this.

19 September 2018

Useful bag to take wetsuit and other bits of kit. Can be folded in half for travel. Seems to be tough and well-thought-out.

15 October 2018

Got this to keep my wetsuit clean whilst hanging in the loft. Good material and lots of room inside for ANY kind of dive suit. Dry, semi or wet. It is a bit long though!

18 December 2018

There is nothing to dislike about this product. I like the longer length and it is well made.

21 January 2019

Very good quality.

12 February 2019

Excellent service , would recommend and use again. Regards Alan Snowdon

3 July 2019

This is a massive bag, you can fit wet and dry suit in at same time ,

12 October 2019

Very good quality , you have the space for name tag as well , is very long you can fit couple of wetsuit , amazing quality same as all simply scuba products

29 October 2019

Great hanging bag, plenty of space, looks cool

11 December 2019

exactly what its supposed to do, its long too.

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