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Simply Scuba Scubapro Traveller Silver Package


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Simply Scuba

Simply Scuba Scubapro Traveller Silver Package


£870.00 £1111.00


The Traveller Silver Package is a travelling SCUBA set that will come fully assembled to you. Tough materials and well manufactured these regulators and BCD are designed for travel with lighter materials. The first stage features advanced heat-sync fins for improved cold water performance and an advanced second stage for a smooth breathe.


The MK17 G260 continues the legend of the G250 in a completely new, fully balanced second stage combined with the high performance balanced MK17 Evo first stage.

The G260 is a completely new second stage based on the look and feel of the classic G250. The new housing is smaller and lighter for improved comfort and reduces drag. The new balanced valve increases the performance over the G250 and also features a high percentage of metal components to help with cold resistance as metal has a much better heat transfer rate than composite materials such as plastic. Inhalation adjustable and venturi controls can be found on the side of the housing to allow the diver to customise the performance as required.

Alternate Air Source

The Scubapro R195 brings together the classic style of the R190 with the features, materials and technology of modern Scubapro regulators. The simple and robust build makes it ideal as a redundant second stage.


The Double Gauge is a SPG console with a depth gauge built in so you know how much air you have and how deep you are at a glance.  Kept together in a rubber boot all of the gauges are easy to read even in low light.


The Scubapro Litehawk BCD is a stripped down light weight wing BCD made for travel without any bulk. The backplate is still padded for comfort but slimmed down for light weight and flexible packing. Perfect for travel the Litehawk is your summer holiday abroad.

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(based on Medium BCD and Din first stage)

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