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Simply Scuba

Simply Scuba Regulator Assembly And Testing



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Simply Scuba

Simply Scuba Regulator Assembly And Testing




If you want Simply Scuba to assemble your new regulator you should purchase this service pack. One of our technicians will assemble your regulators to the manufacturer's recommendations (or to your specification, when our team are advised by e-mail or telephone with your order number) and give your regulators a full inspection to ensure proper functioning. Your regulator is assembled, inspected and cycled on our testing bench to ensure it is functioning correctly and is safe to use as soon as you receive it. The following multi-point check is completed:

  • All of the first stage connections are checked to make sure they are attached to the correct torque;
  • All of the hoses are fitted and checked for imperfections;
  • Any pressure gauges are checked for correct functioning;
  • The first stage inter-stage pressure is checked to make sure it is in the manufacturer's limits and adjusted if required;
  • Any second stages are checked for correct balance and acceptable free-flows.

After Passing all of the tests, the Make, Model and Serial Number of each part of the regulator is noted in your complimentary Simply Scuba Regulator Owner's Guide & Service Log (which fits inside the Simply Scuba Log Book Binder for safe keeping (purchased separately) ). This is yours to keep as a record all of your regulator's details, as well as useful care information and pages to log when you service your regulators in future.


All Regulators should be assembled by a qualified technician as they are life support equipment that may need delicate adjusting and testing before being used in open water. Downstream regulators are a delicate balance between the first stage's inter-stage pressure and the second stage's cracking pressure.


Marine Grade Brass is used in nearly all regulators today and is quite a soft metal that can be damaged easily, especially the delicate threads when screwing in hoses, so it is best to avoid damage by having your regulators assembled by a qualified technician.


Balancing Regulators requires in-depth knowledge and specialist tools for the working mechanism of most regulators and specialist gauges. Many regulators can bed-in over time, where the seal loses its effectiveness, or the inter-stage pressure can creep up; requiring adjustment even out of the box.


Assembly - this package may be purchased when buying any first and second stage from Simply Scuba and includes fitting and adjustment of an alternate air source, gauges, transmitter, BCD or dry suit hoses - when all purchased together in one order.


* Please note: this is a bespoke service and as such is not refundable even if you return the goods to which this is applicable to.



Only applies to new regulators purchased from Simply Scuba.


The brand of the octopus chosen must match that of the first stage. If there are any compatibility issues you will be contacted before assembly.


If there are no specific fitting instructions the technician will assemble the regulators to a standard recreational configuration; Primary and Octo on the right side and gauges on the left. Some regulator 1st stages have limited options for configuration and be sure that the 1st stage you have chosen has the correct number of ports for all of your parts.


If you would like a specific configuration then feel free to ask and email in your preferences and order number along with the following details so our technicians know exactly what you want:

  • 1st stage inverted or not
  • Primary 2nd stage position
  • Alternate 2nd stage position
  • BCD and Drysuit hose position
  • SPG and transmitter position
  • any replacement of hoses and the exact pairings you would like (please be aware that replacing some hoses with different brand hoses may void the manufacturers warranty in some cases)


BCD hoses, drysuit hoses and wireless transmitters can be fitted if bought with the regulator package.

Product ratings

10 August 2015

Well worth paying the money if you don't know what your doing

24 September 2015

Piece of mind for your new products.

19 October 2015

Good assembling packaging and good service Thanks

26 July 2018

The regulator set, My needs reliability and the ability to use in cold water locations. Also tested Sunday. Not able to test in what would be quite as cold as it can be in the UK for sure. However, the regulator set performed well as did the gauge set. The displays are clear and concise the compass performed well and it was needed in the bay with myself and my buddie to navigate out and back to the assent line set up on the buoy. Returned back parallel with the buoy (perfect)

26 July 2018

Simply Scuba Regulator Assembly and Testing Throughout my paddy experience, it has always been said to me that your air should be on your right-hand side and your buddy supply should be on your left. This has become something I have become comfortable with and quite accustomed to in my regular diving habits. Not that it is wrong but they set both up on the right-hand side. I was surprised by this set-up and have changed it to what has been my standard configuration in my diving

2 October 2018

Regardless of your personal skill level or knowledge in this field.... leave it to the pros! If for nothing more than peace of mind this is a fantastic service and very reasonably priced. Thank you

28 October 2018

Bought first set of regs, this service takes whe worry out of set up, knowing been set up properly. Recommend

4 February 2019

Great service, paperwork all up together and all the hose connections done without any scratches or damage..

5 May 2019

I have just bought my first setoff regulators and although I'm sure its easy to assemble yourself I preferred this option for peace of mind.

26 June 2019

Very quick, and easy process.

11 July 2019

Everything arrived fully assembled, with a completed regulator service book, all paperwork and the original boxes etc.

9 August 2019

Always nice to have piece of mind, they assembled the reg with the octo, lpi hose and pressure gauge and it all felt nice and sturdy. They leave the screws from the first stage in the bag with the Reg.

14 August 2019

for that extra piece of mind

18 August 2019

All well assembled and complete the regs service manual. peace of mind knowing its all done right. Leave the screws from first stage in the bag.

13 September 2019

Not sure what to say, assembled and tested for a good price.

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