Simply Scuba

Simply Scuba Mk1 Dive Torch

Gunmetal Grey


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Simply Scuba

Simply Scuba Mk1 Dive Torch

Gunmetal Grey



The Simply Scuba Mk1 Dive Torch is a high power 1000 lumen dive torch that is rechargeable and customizable to your needs. Factory sealed you never have to worry about greasing or changing O-Rings, ever. Inside you have a total of nine settings ranging from full 1000 lumens to a power save mode that can run for 48 hours.

Who's the Mk1.0 Light For?

The Mk 1 was specifically designed for the modern diver. Small and powerful, the Mk1 can be very bright when you need to see and be seen, but you don't always need 1000 lumens so we put in a 500 and 125 settings so you can enjoy your night dive without blinding yourself and everyone around you.

Every Diver should have at least one Dive Torch so you can see in dark places and so you can be seen at a distance by others. USB Rechargeable, you can plug in the magnetic charger cable to the same charger as your smartphone or tablet. that way if you're travelling you only have to bring one charger for all of your gadgets.

Two small coloured LEDs tell you everything you need to know about your torch. When you change modes the light tells you what mode you're on and then after that, it changes to how much battery life you have.


Length: 110mm

Diameter: 32mm

Weight: 100g

Battery: 3100mAh Lithium-Ion

In the box


Mode Burn Time
1000 Lumen 1.5 Hours
500 Lumen 3 Hours
250 Lumen 6 Hours
125 Lumen 12 Hours
85 Lumen 18 Hours
40 Lumen 36 Hours
30 Lumen 48 Hours
Flash 30 Hours
SOS Strobe 9 Hours



 Program High Medium Low Flash SOS


1.5Hrs 6Hrs 12Hrs 30Hrs 9Hrs
2 3Hrs 18Hrs 36Hrs 30Hrs 9Hrs
3 1.5Hrs - 12Hrs 30Hrs 9Hrs
4 12Hrs - 48Hrs 30Hrs 9Hrs



Beam Angle 16
Bulb Type X1 CREE XPL
Dive Torch Type Dive
Max Burn Time 90.00 mins
Max Depth 60.00 m
Max Output 1,000.00 lm
Switch Type Button
Torch Battery Built in, Rechargeable, Li-Ion
Torch Material(s) Anodised Aluminium
Torch Type Handheld
Variable Output Yes

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