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Simply Scuba

Simply Scuba Binder for Log Book


£13.50 £15.00

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Simply Scuba

Simply Scuba Binder for Log Book


£13.50 £15.00


The Simply Scuba Log Book Binder is a great place to store all of your logged dives in one place with your cert cards, dive tables and stationary. The spring-loaded ring binder is spaced to hold either Simply Scuba or PADI Adventure log books or loose-leaf pages. The inside is protected by a water-resistant fabric coating that will brush off rain and splashes.



Inside our Binder is a strong spring-loaded Triple Ring Binder the same size as PADI logbook pages so you can fit your existing pages and books. One side has space for Six Certification Cards, your insurance card or dive site entry card, Three Pen Holders for your stationery and a Bellowed Velcro Pocket for your stamp or other stationery. The far side has a flat mesh pocket for slates or other flat items so you can still write on one side easily.



The outer fabric is a water-resistant material that water will roll off so some spray and rain won't get your pages wet. The zipper runs all the way around three sides of the binder so you can open it flat to write your logs out easier.

Product ratings

15 April 2018

This binder is good, it holds three pens (what diver doesn't like a back-up?!!) and it can take a good splashing of water without ruin. Space for your most recent cert cards + specialties. Mine is still quite new, and so far doesn't lie fully flat, which is slightly annoying, but i'm sure with time, it will. I'm a big fan of the SS branding, and I seem to be building the whole set of accessories. I live in the Middle East so it's quite unique out here! :-D I'd personally really like to see some alternative colour options too.

13 July 2018

I'm happy with this binder and its fit for purpose. I like the mesh pocket on the inside of the binder as its a handy place to store important information relating to my current trip and the protection given by the binder ensures that it is safe.

7 October 2018

Great value for money seems well made and looks good with plenty of space for cards pens etc

10 October 2018

Having just filled my previous log book, I was in the market for something a bit more robust. For the price, this will certainly do the job. I've got all my certification cards in there, along with the extra pages and my previous log book. Plenty of space for those pens you'll end up loosing!

18 October 2018

It was bough to be given as a birthday gift, great for keeping log books, cards and pens all in one place.

3 December 2018

It'd be perfect, if there was a version without the binder, or it it was easier to take the binder out.

11 February 2019

Good quality product. Does what it’s designed to do

19 February 2019

Excellent log book. Has plenty of room for all my PADI cards, dive book and other diving info that I take with me. Looks smart and seems very durable. Highly recommended.

20 February 2019

Perfect log book binder! Great quality, great design. All my stuff fits perfectly in there. Wifey loves hers as well :-)

2 April 2019

Good strong cover for log book, very good

22 April 2019

Very handy to keep all my diving information as well as all my other log books.

24 April 2019

Ideal to keep all of your dive related qualification cards and dive logs in

14 May 2019

This is a well made dive log binder with plenty of pockets in the front for qualification cards. The rings are large so this can hold at least 100 paper logs A5 size. I really like this product and buy one every year. I think this is my fifth.

11 June 2019

Good binder with all the useful pockets, pen holders etc that you need. My PADI dive log fits the rings perfectly, and I have added some of Simply Scuba's extra log pages. Also quite a bit cheaper than PADI's own.

1 July 2019

the product is sturdy, has compartments for dive tables, experience cards, pens and more it is easy to use, but it's quite large and takes up a bit of space.

4 July 2019

My Padi logbook fits in the rings perfectly, got my qualifications cards in. This binder will stop the usual, "Where are my cards and logbook" pre dive trip panic.

12 October 2019

Amazing kit for your certifications, loogbook , pens and other docs .

15 November 2019

This is a great place to keep my log book, dive certification cards, pens, small change and paper notes. Slightly bulky, but a least everything is in one place.

4 December 2019

Perfect gift to keep your dive logs together

5 April 2020

I bought this because my original Log Book was becoming full. I bought the blank Pages at the same time. My original Log Book fits into this holder and I can also store all my PADI cards and DAN insurance details in this case. Indeed it looks very similar to the PADI Binder but is much more economic.

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