Sidemount Harnesses

The Sidemount Harness was originally developed for cave diving as it allows for a low, streamlined profile and for cylinders to be quickly removed for penetration through narrow restrictions. Sidemount diving has recently become much more popular following the release of harnesses that could be adapted for sidemount with the addition of a buttplate and the launch of dedicated sidemount systems. The diving style has also been boosted by the integration of recreational sidemount courses into some of the world leading training agencies such as PADI. Sidemount can offer recreational divers the chance to take advantage of some of the benefits that this alternative method can offer including improved balance and the shifting of cylinder weight from the back to much closer to the centre of gravity which aids divers that suffer from back pain. Look for modular systems that give you full flexibility in your needs and enough lift for the cylinders you intend to dive with.

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    XDEEP Stealth 2.0 Sidemount BCD Dive Harness - Black

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