Seac Sub

Seac Sub Pro HD 6mm Diving Boots


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Seac Sub

Seac Sub Pro HD 6mm Diving Boots


£44.80 £61.00


The Seac Pro HD 6mm Boots are a hard sole neoprene dive boot with a zippered heel for easy donning and doffing. Hard sole makes entry and exit over rough terrain comfortable and the integrated heel notch holds your fin strap in place.

Who's the Pro HD For?

The Pro HD is for divers who need to cover rough terrain to get to their dive site. Hard Soles protect your feet from sharp or awkward terrain getting in or out of a dive site. With a sole more like a trainer the Pro HD has plenty of grip and can help to reduce cramp because your foot won't be flexing as much as a soft sole boot.

6mm of neoprene is plenty for most water temperatures to keep your feet warm both in warm tropical waters and colder waters at home.

Alternate Products

If you prefer a thinner sole the Seac Basic HD Boot is very similar in design but a little thinner and with a more traditional sole. If you prefer a heavy tread then you can always look at the Fourth Element Amphibian, Scubapro Heavy Duty or Mares Flexa DS that are all very similar in design to the Pro HD.


Product ratings

27 March 2019

Excellent product, I have had the soft sole ones for 4 years now, but now require the hard sole ones due to shore diving

24 July 2019

Needed more solid soles to the footwear. Perfect.

9 August 2019

They're very good at keeping your feet warm, really comfy, nice thick soles on them so going over rough ground isnt a problem. Fit really nice in my RK3 fins..

15 September 2019

Good but it's small from the ankle side

17 September 2019


8 November 2019

Fantastic expierence from ordering to a fast delivery . Very happy !