Scubapro dive gear is considered among the finest quality dive equipment and snorkel equipment available today and is used by many professional scuba divers all over the world. Founded in 1963, Scubapro have been on the diving scene from the early days and have evolved with modern materials and diving techniques. Scubapro's attention to detail is pinnacle with each piece of equipment so it performs perfectly in the water. Each part of their regulators for example are carefully crafted to improve airflow for a smooth breathe with minimal turbulence, making them some of the most highly rated on the market. Some of their regulators have been used in submersibles, recognised for their outstanding performence even at great depths. Innovation is also high on Scuba-pro's agenda with biometric adjustments to their computer algorithms, using your heat rate and skin temperature to adjust how conservative your dive profile is. In addition their new Scubapro wetsuit X-Foam is lighter, more flexible, more durable, warmer and better for the environment than other neoprenes. Our Simply Scuba Scubapro range of equipment features essential gearĀ from regulators and computers to wetsuits, BCDs, masks, and snorkels and a vast scope of other equipment to cover all of your needs in the water. If you're looking for Current Scubapro diving equipment, you'll find it all here.