Santi E.Lite+ Drysuit

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Santi E.Lite+ Drysuit

Black Grey



The Santi E.Lite+ Drysuit is an improved version of the E.Lite suit with a new flexible and soft to the touch fabric and reinforced critical points for a stronger suit.  Tough but light the Elite Plus has a modern and ergonomic cut so you can move freely in the water.



 The E.Lite+ is made for demanding divers extending limits and spending longer in the water. Years of experience has made the most ergonomic suit to date that won't restrict your movements but will protect you from both the cold and damage in key areas.


 Fitted with Apeks Valves the inflator is a standard Int'l DIN QD fitting so will work with most standard Drysuit hoses. Also fitted with Santi Smart Seals you can swap out broken seals in minutes with some silicone cuff seals.

The cuff rings can be fitted with a Dry Glove System so you can fit dry-gloves to your suit too.



We recommend 


The E.Lite+ is a top-of-the-range membrane suit but there are some nice alternatives to consider such as the KVR Aircore that is a dual layer suit for both flexibility and streamlining.  The D1X Hybrid has a built in undersuit that keeps you covered all over with minimal bulk.


Suit Size Boot Size (UK)
Small Long 7-8
Medium 7-8
Medium Large 9-10
Large 9-10
Large Short 9-10
Extra Large 11
Extra Large Short 11
Extra Extra Large Short 11


Santi is a Polish brand that has one of the highest reputations in the technical market for exposure protection. Started in the early '80s because of a lack of exposure protection manufacturers nearby the founder Tomek Stachura decided to start making his own and Santi was born.

When the founders friends found out how good these Santi suits were they asked him to make one for them. Years of testing and development has built a comprehensive range of exposure protection focusing on drysuits and undersuits with neoprene accessories.



  • total weight with all equipment items (for size L) - 3.9 kg,
  • material Ripstop Nylon/Butylene/Ripstop Nylon 365-425g/sqm and Ripstop Nylon/Butylene/Polyester 515g/sqm,
  • upper suit, upper front and back bottom legs made of elastic, light fabric
  • weighing 365-425g/sqm,
  • back, elbows, lumbar area, the lower front of the legs are made of E.Lite fabric, 515g/m2.


In standard equipped with:

  • telescopic torso,
  • waterproof zipper protected by an additional zipper closed with a plastic zip,
  • reinforced sleeves, legs and back,
  • Apeks auto dump valve,
  • Apeks inlet valve,
  • SANTI SmartSeals® ring system for easy seals exchange,
  • two thigh cargo pockets with elastic, bungee loops,
  • zippered “double ender” sections on pockets,
  • Kevlar® knee pads,
  • Latex neck seal insulated with 3mm Neoprene collar,
  • Flexsole boots,
  • internal suspenders with a pocket,
  • STAY DRY waterproof travel bag for drysuit - gray.
Dive Type Scuba
Dump Valve Apeks Hi-Profile
Inflator Valve Apeks
Neck Seal Latex
Suit Material Tri-Laminate
Thigh Pockets 2.00
Wrist Seal Latex
Zipper Front Plastic

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