Santi BZ400 Heated Drysuit Undersuit



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Santi BZ400 Heated Drysuit Undersuit




The Santi BZ400 Heated Undersuit is the ultimate in thermal protection for the coldest and longest dive. The suit itself is made from warm insulating Thinsulate material with heating coils sewn into the lining powered by an external battery.



The undersuit is simply a BZ400 Undersuit with heated elements running throughout to keep your entire body warm even without external power. Built in cable system directs power to the thermal coils and down each sleeve to power the heated gloves to warm your entire body.


Ergonomic wire layout

Integrated heated gloves connection in wrist



Safety switch prevents overheating

Maximum heating temperature : 45°C

Max heating power : 110W

Run time:

  • 10 Ah battery / 1.2-1.5hr
  • 20 Ah battery / 2-2.5hr

*batteries and valves sold separately

Thinsulate 420g/m2

NextGen UltraSoft Silicone Insulated Heating Wire

Braided power cable resistant to high temperatures and cuts

CE Certified

Dive Type Scuba

Product ratings

2 February 2017

Amazing! Has transformed my winter diving, lowered my air consumption because I''m warm and comfortable, yes a little pricy but worth the money, although the battery doesn''t last too long and a spare is so expensive! My biggest fault with this item

8 March 2019

Great suit just watch out for sizing. The sizes are a little small it seems or my tape measure is longer! Not dives it yet with the battery on it but it’s warm as anything with a base layer so I’m expecting a super duper warm dive this weekend with my students :)