Prescription Diving Masks

We offer a full range of prescription diving masks for short and long sighted divers and we will deliver the next day. Prescription diving masks can be disassembled removing the plain glass lenses to fit prescription lenses to offer divers clarity underwater. We only use proper bespoke lenses where the correction is part of the mask lens and not a bonded corrective lens to the original clear lens - these cause distortion and are heavy which can cause the mask to become uncomfortable. Read our all you need to know about choosing a prescription dive mask and also watch our video guide to changing prescription dive mask lenses. We offer corrective lenses for long, short and bifocal prescriptions. If your prescription is between the strengths shown then select the weaker as the water offers some magnification. Don't miss out on the chance to see the underwater world in all it's glory and view our collection to find the right prescription dive mask for you.

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    XS Scuba Gauge Reader Diving Mask - Yellow

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