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PADI ERDP ml Padi Materials




The eRDPML Multi-Level Electronic Recreational Dive Planner from PADI allows you to plan single depth and multilevel dives and reduces potential errors in dive planning. It is fast, accurate and easy to use as well as being splash proof and a convenient pocket size design. Operates in either imperial or metric to work out your pressure group after your dives and after your surface interval.



  • Dive Planning
  • Maximum Depth
  • Minimum Surface Interval


  • Not Suitable for Nitrox

Product ratings

10 January 2009

poor screen, too small - could be a lot better, make software as download available to put onto laptop - all info then on one screen and pictoral based viewing, dive graph of depth , SI, etc

5 April 2009

Excellent product. PADI hasn't included Nitrox yet but so easy to use and eliminates simple mistakes that can easily be made when using charts

15 April 2009

I'd be more confident if this was waterproof, not splash resistant, bearing in mind the locations in which it should be used! That's not your fault though, it's PADI's design that is flawed!

27 October 2009

The display is a bit small and compared with the swish look and feel of today's iPhone/PDA/PC applications & software it feels a bit awkward to use, that said it's the one recommended for the PADI multilevel course, so you gotta live with it. Perhaps

29 April 2018

Used about 10 years ago on DM course and not since. Still working though so cant knock the quality